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    All users who have registered an account on Crickex, may face a problem that can be solved only by contacting the Crickex support team. This can be done in different ways – by using a live chat, email address or social media pages. Considering that not all people have an experience with customer support, this little guide provides an information on how to use each method of contacting professionals. crickex Group Sex


    Ways to contact Crickex Support

    While it is not possible to use the Crickex contact number to call for a customer support, there are enough methods to contact professionals:

    Live chat of the website;

    Email address;


    These are the main 3 methods of how bettors can contact professionals of the company in order to get an opportunity of solving literally any issue with this website relatively fast.


    One of the simplest and very reliable options when it comes to contacting the professionals of the support team is the live chat on the website. Thanks to the Crickex live chat, it is possible to get an answer within a couple of minutes. For the most part, this option is great for people who would like to receive answers regarding financial operations, such as deposits and withdrawals. In order to use this method, gamblers will need to click on the dedicated form that is available in the bottom right corner of any website’s page.


    In some rare cases, the issue may not be that serious and it can be solved even after a couple of days of it being faced by the customer. In order to find a proper solution, it is recommended to simply contact professionals via cricket support email address that is available at the moment in India. There are in fact two options for different use-case scenarios. The support@crickex address must be used for consultations with support service and marketing@crickex for ads and bonus offerings. This is a very popular option for those people who would like to communicate with professionals, as it is possible to simply send a text message and receive a response within a certain period of time. Yes, it is not the fastest option, like in case of cricket support chat, but it is still possible to receive an answer from the team within 24 hours since the moment of sending a message. In order to make sure that this method will work correctly, it is important to use the email address which was used for the registration of the account. It helps administration of the site to identify the user pretty easily.



    Considering that there is no cricket mobile support, it is really good to see an alternative that is presented in a form of social media. Bettors can contact professionals by using Telegram messenger. It can be done via the channel @crickex_support. Operators are always ready to answer questions of customers pretty quickly to any issue players may have.

    Crickex Call Center

    Unfortunately, bettors would not be able to find a cricket support number, because there is no official call center of the service at the moment.

    Top reasons for contacting support

    It is impossible to highlight only one reason why people may have a need to contact a cricket support line. There are at least a couple of scenarios in which it is impossible to escape the need for a help from experts:

    A help with a personal account;

    Problems with payments;

    Problems with bets;

    The bonus does not come.

    It is important to learn more details on each specific reason to make sure players will know that they can solve an issue relatively fast.

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