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    Crickex Payment Options

    Crickex is one of the most well-known sports betting and casino providers for players in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The company offers an extensive list of payment systems like UPI, bank transfers, cryptocurrency solutions. So player will not have issues with replenishing the game account and withdrawing winnings. Worth to note that Crickex does not apply any kind of commission to financial operations for any kind of payments. Therefore, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with all available payment systems, as well as the rules and requirements of the company. crickex Video sex FullHD


    Deposit Methods

    Today Crickex is one of the most convenient platforms to deposit money on and make other financial operations. A large number of payment systems are available to use on the website for players, with which they can replenish bookmaker wallet.

    Further in the table, we described all payment systems, the speed of transaction processing, as well as the allowed minimum amounts to replenish the account.

    How to Deposit Money to Crickex?

    In order to make a deposit on Crickex, you should definitely pay attention to all the company’s legal regulations. This will help eliminate all possible problems and successfully complete your transactions. Answering the question how to add money in Crickex, we suggest to get familiarize with the basic step-by-step instructions:

    Log in to the website.

    Open your personal account, press the “Deposit” button and the section with financial transactions will open.

    Go to the payment option section to see all available types of payment systems.

    Choose your payment method and click on it.

    Specify the amount you want to deposit your account with, confirm your choice and follow the instructions of the payment system.

    Wait until the end of the transaction, tracking its progress on the page of the payment system.


    Make a deposit

    If you are interested in using UPI (an application where several bank accounts are collected) – no problem. Replenishing your account in Crickex through UPI is easy. Following instruction will help you do it:

    Open financial opportunities and do not forget about providing access to the deposit window.

    Select the top-up system and UPI method.

    Specify the top-up amount(at least 200 BDT).

    Confirm transfer by obtaining a UPI reference number.

    Confirm the deposit and wait up to 10 minutes for money to rea ch your account.

    An important rule: while one UPI transaction is running, you cannot start others.

    UPI deposits are usually processed in just a few minutes. In the case of using cryptocurrencies, the waiting time can be up to 30 minutes. The Crickex withdrawal may take up to 7 business days.

    What Is the Minimum Deposit at Crickex?

    The minimum deposit amount is 200 BDT. Since the company does not take commission from players for money transfers, you can be sure that when you deposit 200 BDT or more, you will have on account exactly that amount. We also point your attention to the fact that the maximum replenishment amount for different payment systems is different. The standard maximum is 50,000 BDT, and for crypto wallets, the limit is set at 470,000 BDT.

    Minimum Deposit Amount at Crickex Casino Bangladesh is just BDT 200

    Withdrawal Options

    After receiving the first winning to the game account, every player wants to test the withdrawal option and send money to a personal bank account. Withdrawing funds from Crickex bookmaker account is as simple and fast as possible. But even here are certain rules and conditions that each user should be aware of.

    It is worth saying that the company cooperates with the most reliable and convinient payment systems, therefore, in most cases, players will be able to receive their winnings on the same day they apply. Another advantage is the ability to withdraw funds not only through the Crickex webpage, but also using mobile app.

    All payment systems connected to Crickex website and estimated time to withdrew money presented in the next table.

    How to Withdraw Money from Crickex account?

    To complete process of withdrawal money, each player must:

    Open personal account and find “My Wallet” section there.

    Choose the “Withdrawal” button.

    Select the payment system through which you will withdraw funds. It is worth mentioning that the list of tools for withdrawing may be different from the one used to replenish an account.

    Specify all the details where the transfer will be made.

    Next, confirm the payment and wait for a notification of a successful transaction and receiving funds to your personal account.

    Verification Process

    Bookmaker have a number of conditions and requirements for a player who is going to deposit and withdraw funds through their personal account:

    Each player is eligible to deposit and withdraw funds from the age of 18.

    There are maximum and minimum transaction limits.

    Use for transactions only those payment methods and details that belong to you.

    Only one transaction can be processed at a time.

    In order to use all services for working with finances, the player’s account must be verified.

    Account verification is the process of checking the player’s documents by the administration to make sure that the account belongs to him/her. This process is mandatory for every player, so scammers will not be able to take possession of your funds, and the winnings eventually will be sent directly to your accounts.

    To pass verification, you will need to provide support one of the following documents:

    National ID card;


    Driving license;

    Voter’s card;

    If you change one of the documents, don’t forget to update them in your account as well.

    To issue withdrawal, you will need to confirm your bank details. To do this, it is suitable to provide information about the passbook or an official document about your account from the bank.

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